Best Low Maintenance Plants For Hanging Baskets

Welcome to the world of lush foliage and beautiful blossoms that take no effort! This guide will take you on a tour through the best low maintenance plants that are ideal for hanging baskets.

These plants are sure to excite your senses and bring life to your surroundings, whether you’re a seasoned plant enthusiast with a hectic schedule or a newbie wishing to add a touch of nature to your living areas.

Say goodbye to the daily stress of watering, pruning, and caring over your plants, and welcome to a gorgeous display of foliage and flowers that almost look after themselves.

Join us as we explore a carefully curated collection of robust and appealing plants, each picked for its capacity to grow in suspended environments with minimal intervention.

Let’s delve in and find the best low-maintenance plants for your hanging baskets so you can easily change your space into an oasis of natural beauty.

Best Low Maintenance Plants For Hanging Baskets

Without a doubt! Plants that require less care and attention are ideal for hanging baskets since they may still offer beauty to your environment even though they demand less attention and care. The following are some well-liked choices:

1. Tradescantia

Tradescantia, often known as wandering jew, is a popular indoor and outdoor hanging basket plant. Its brightly colored leaves might be white, purple, or green, and some species have stripes that can be readily incorporated into your garden décor.

Tradescantias come in pink, white, purple, and blue hues.

Although tradescantias may tolerate shade, they thrive in indirect yet bright light. Remember to cut the long stems to keep the plant growing evenly.

2. Petunias

Petunias come in a variety of colors and kinds, which are ideal for hanging baskets. Petunias hang in varied color drifts when planted. You’re sure to find something that adds a summer touch to your outdoor space.

Two-tone petunias are an excellent choice for creating a stunning display. For hanging baskets, the frilly flowers of the two-tone Amore variety are gaining popular.

3. Hanging Fuschia

Although fuschia plants are grown as annuals in colder climates, they are sensitive perennials known for their beautiful dangling blossoms. They are available in bicolor combinations of white, pink, purple, and red.

Fuschias can be used with Bidens, petunias, pelargoniums, or other plants with cascading foliage in the summer.

The colorful plant thrives when planted around the outside edge of hanging baskets, allowing its stems to cascade freely.

While blooming, fuchsias demand a lot of nutrients. To maximize their growth, deadhead wasted blossoms and provide fertilizer. These plants also thrive in shady and chilly environments.

Furthermore, delicate fuschia species in baskets must be protected from frost until late spring because they are not as hardy as hardy shrub fuchsias.

4. Bacopa 

Bacopa plants have a gently trailing effect and thrive in partial shade. They can grow to be over 18 inches long and have white or blue flowers.

The delicate flower blooms from summer through autumn and takes little care.

5. Lobelia

The trailing lobelia is an excellent choice for a filler plant that looks wonderful in a hanging basket.

It is available in blue, pink, white, and purple variants, with lovely blossoms that trail over the edge of your hanging basket. Lobelia blooms all summer and is easy to grow.

To keep the flowers flowering, plant lobelia in partial shade and use liquid fertilizer. You should also prune the plant to encourage new blooms. However, once established, lobelia takes little care.

6. Begonia

Begonias are well-known for their vibrant color that lasts throughout summer. They thrive in moderate shade or bright sunlight.

Annual begonias feature ruffled flowers that make a lovely presentation in baskets. There are also double-flowered begonias with a distinct fragrance.

Begonia varieties in colors of orange, white, or red work beautifully as spillers in hanging baskets. The ‘Million Kisses’ series is low-maintenance and doesn’t require much sunlight.

Some begonia types require regular hydration and a suitable place to bloom. They thrive under indirect sunshine.

7. Pelargonium

The pelargonium is an excellent choice for a plant that blooms all summer and also serves as a centerpiece.

The plant is available in several hues of white, pink, and red, allowing you to select a variety that complements your color scheme. Because of their height and long-lasting color, they are ideal for hanging baskets.

Pelargoniums thrive in the sun and may need deadheading and watering to continue flowering throughout the summer.

8. English Ivy

English ivy is a low-light, shade-loving hanging plant. With deeply lobed leaves, the plant can be dark or light green.

Because it is a climbing plant, you can expect it to grow over the edge of your hanging basket and offer a natural touch to your patio or deck. You can cultivate the plant alone or in conjunction with other trailing plants.

When growing English Ivy, it is critical to keep the air damp and the soil moist.

9. Nemesia

Another low-maintenance hanging plant that blooms for months during the summer is Nemesia. The distinctive feature of nemesia is that it is available in two-tone colors with contrasting centers.

Other colors include blue, white, cream, lilac, yellow, and red. The majority of plants have a nice aroma that attracts helpful insects.

Planting Nemesia in early summer or late spring is best avoided. These flowers blossom best in chilly conditions.

10. String of Pearls

The String of Pearls thrives in bright, direct light, which is ideal for hanging. It is not necessary to water or deadhead the plant on a daily basis. Water the plant only when it is completely dry.

11. Pansies

Pansies come in a variety of colors, including burgundy, white, yellow, purple, and blue.

Deadheading pansies is recommended by experts to extend their flowering period. Nonetheless, they are low-maintenance flowers that require little care and bloom all year.

12. Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos, often known as devil’s ivy, is another low-maintenance plant that thrives in low-light environments. It grows well in both indoor and outdoor hanging baskets.

In addition to its vivid green foliage, devil’s ivy has white swirls in the leaves and tendrils that can grow up to 12 inches every month.

Unlike other plants that need to be watered on a regular basis, devil’s ivy only needs to be watered when its leaves are droopy and floppy.

Keep in mind that, while these plants are generally low-maintenance, all plants require some attention. Check the moisture level of the soil on a regular basis and adjust your irrigation accordingly. Consider the lighting requirements in your unique room as well, and select plants that match those parameters.

Thanks for reading. I hope you find it helpful.

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