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Garden maintenance is much more than just reducing the lawn now and then. Keeping your Garden looking excellent all year round can transform your outdoors into a stunning area where you can unwind and enjoy the fresh air or welcome your friends & guests. Whether you have a huge garden or a small Garden, you can benefit from routine garden maintenance.

Discovering a skilled company providing garden maintenance in Dublin might be quite difficult. Staying on track with your Garden maintenance means that it does not have out of control, and can cause a lot of added expense when the moment to remove all of it comes. That’s why Elite Landscaping Dublin is here to help. As qualified professional Dublin Landscape gardeners, we aim to put a smile on your face after we finish your landscape design work. Give us a call now for a free estimate.

At Elite Landscaping we can develop a Garden maintenance programme tailored to your needs and budget, looking after all of your garden requirement. We can offer ongoing Garden maintenance or one-off type garden clean ups. Whether you have a small Garden or a big garden our experienced team of gardeners in Dublin, can come visit you at a time that suits. We’ll take on board your Garden concepts, add some of our own garden ideas and have it looking great in all seasons.

We guarantee the highest possible standard of care and maintenance for your garden ensuring it evolves to its full potential. We are totally dedicated to the maintenance and Garden care of some of Dublin’s most stunning Gardens. We take an on-going approach to the maintenance and care of your garden, with a strong belief that certified and experienced personnel with attention to detailed information makes all the difference to the health and wellness and vitality of your external spaces.

Why Choose Us

Elite Landscaping are a group of skilled landscape gardeners based in Dublin. We provide yard maintenance & landscape design, tailored specifically to your garden’s needs. We ensure the highest standard of care for your garden, making certain it gets to its full potential.


Fast Work

Our work is done to time and to budget. We don’t have any hidden costs, the price you’re quoted, is the price we work with.


Highly Skilled Tradesmen

All our workers are highly skilled and trained. They undergo continuous training to maintain their craft.


Clean & Tidy Jobs

We leave your property looking clean and better than when we arrived to work on it. We remove all waste and tidy things up.


Proper Tree & Plant Care

We are professionals, we handle your property, plants and trees with the utmost care. We treat your property like it was ours.


Completed Jobs

Garden Construction Dublin

Our Garden maintenance services

Routine Garden Maintenance Visits

We can arrange your Garden maintenance to ensure that it is always looking it’s best. We’ll save you time and trouble by ensuring that your garden is kept free from weeds, offer lawn treatment, lawn mowing, lawn fertilising, trimming hedges, pruning plants, power washing patios, driveways & walls, and everything in between.

Garden Clearance, Lawn Treatment, Edging and Mowing

Our Garden maintenance team offer a variety of lawn care services. We can install and maintain lawn edging, making certain that your lawn is neatly separated from your planting areas and walkways. We likewise offer lawn mowing for gardens of all size, either on a regular or once-off basis, treating your lawn with the utmost care, providing weeding for all areas of your Garden or lawn fertilizing if required to encourage much better and more even development.

Garden Tidy Ups

Probably your garden has become over grown, unmanageable or you’ve moved into a new residential or commercial property and you require some help in getting your Garden cleaned up. Our landscape design team can pay you a visit and help redeem that useful room with a one-off Garden clean up, having it prepared for entertaining & relaxing. This service is particular popular for landscaping needed when between tenants at properties, get your garden looking show-house ready!


Our Garden maintenance team can ensure that all of your planting demands are fulfilled and that your plants are well taken care of throughout the seasons. Elite Landscaping’ s very own Dean is particularly well versed in his knowledge of plants and horticulture, with a degree in Landscape Architecture, as well as winning awards at Bloom Festival & Garden Show in Dublin for a variety of gardens.

Hedge Trimming & Pruning

You have actually been intending to do it for a while but now your hedges, trees or bushes have become an unruly hassle, encroaching on not only your own Garden but your neighbors’ Garden. Call us for our hedge trimming and pruning services and we’ll send out a tree surgeon or one of our landscaper gardeners to handle all types of overgrowth, ensuring that your hedges, trees and plants grow back healthily and looking wonderful!

Power Washing Dublin

Driveways, pathways, walls and patios become overgrown with moss and the colour of the stone dulls over time. Elite Landscaping can visit you for power washing driveways in Dublin, or pressure cleaning of patios, walls and other stone items in your front Garden or back Garden.

Garden construction

As soon as the garden design proposition has been put together and picked, any Garden construction needed can begin. At Elite Landscaping we work with only the best quality products for any garden construction we undertake, and each of our Gardens are constructed to stand the test of time. The options are generally unlimited when it involves the type garden construction that we can carry out, but to give you an idea of the types of services we offer consist of:

Patio Design

Our landscaping team are experts at installing patios and paving options. A well thought out patio design is a great addition to back Gardens in particular to add entertaining space to you garden as well as lessening maintenance in particular areas of your Garden.

Garden Fencing and/or Walling

Garden fencing is a great means to finish off the look of a garden. Our Garden construction team in Dublin can source the fencing that suits your Garden best, whether that be wood fencing, timber fencing, concrete fencing or pvc fencing and so on. It can additionally benefit your residential or commercial property adding additional personal privacy and security if your walls are particularly low. Walls can likewise be installed if required if your existing walls are beginning to split or have actually become tired.

Gating/ Electronic Security Gates

Gating is another essential attribute of your residential or commercial property. Elite Landscaping have set up a number of electronic security gates and can suggest on what gates would certainly work best for your property relying on the size of your driveway and the look you wish to achieve.

Raised Flower Beds, Rockeries & Ponds

Raised flower beds are a prominent preference amongst many of our clients. Sections of planting can be easily separated from one another and with a choice of timber panelling they can really enhance the look of garden.

Driveways & Curbing

Driveway paving and curbing is a great way to improve the look of your front garden and also reduce maintenance such as lawn mowing. Sections of planting can be included which enhance the look further and requires little maintenance. Our Dublin landscaping team can create a driveway paving design that will stand the test of time. We can source paving slabs at the best prices and with an array of choice and colour of the stone.

Decking & Outdoor Hardwood Seating

Decking is a highly popular choice with many of our clients. It can be used as an alternative to patios or paving, usually in the back garden and contrasts well with all of your planting.

Garden Tidy Up Dublin

The garden should be a place of the sweet scenting flowers, the abode of little singing, colourful birds, the lovely evergreen shrubs and as well that attractive and beautifully designed place for humans. In reality, this may not always be so because some measures in effort and garden maintenance have to be put into making it appear that place that is colourfully-painted in the minds. If at the sight of your garden you feel repulsed rather than being attracted to the beauty of a garden, it is probably because your garden is lacking garden tidy up service and maintenance activities and you really have to start something to bring it back to what it was when initially designed, hopefully, a beautiful and captivating look.

When you are set for your garden maintenance work, there are two things you should have in mind to get started. The first is a full list of what you have planned about how you want your garden to be and secondly, is the garden company that would be responsible for maintenance services you would be hiring for the job. Both of these are critical to having your garden looking the garden you’ve dreamed of.

Hedges and flower beds maintenance is another aspect you would want to point to in your maintenance work in the garden. For this section trimming of hedges is a major operation in garden maintenance. You should highlight the pruning needs and also mention weed prevention for your garden. You should know that fungus disease is often common with gardens, so you shouldn’t miss out on disease control either. You should also not leave out pest control as well. You already have a list that is basic for your garden maintenance but there are still some few additions you can make to your garden clean up Dublin service provider.

If you’ve got all that you need done worked out, having a garden service provider would be next. No doubt there are a lot and good gardeners and maintenance providers. You should find that one that meets all that you will need to put things right in your garden. Generally, you should find a maintenance company that can handle areas dealing with general activities like grass cutting and mowing, hedges trimming and pruning, and caring for your lawns and hedges in its totality. If in need of a garden service company that would do a good job for you, you should find the best one by checking through what they’ve done in the past and also read what people are saying about them in reviews online.

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